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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Shops at Target

I love Target.  I also love finding teeny cool stores when I travel.  Target is now bringing teeny cool stores to your local store via their new concept, The Shops at Target.  I think I'm going to like this.

Target has teamed up with five local shops --  The Candy Store in San Francisco, Polka Dog Bakery in Boston, Cos Bar in Aspen, Privet House in Warren, Connecticut, and The Webster in Miami -- and is bringing their branded products to Target stores nationwide.

(This video makes me want to visit every one of these places and meet the owners.  They all seem so interesting.  I love the Polka Dog Bakery folks, who seem to have a great sense of humor about running a dog bakery.)

It looks like the products that Target will carry will be "limited-edition collections," meaning they'll be items created for Target and not the stores' regular merchandise.  So I still have a reason to visit all of these places someday and check out their usual things.  Superb.

You can view all the products here in Target's lookbook, and a couple of my favorites are below (all images are from Target).  The Shops will be up on May 6 online and in stores.  Happy shopping!

Colorblocked cardigans from The Webster would be great for work (and, apparently, over your bikini.  What a multi-tasking piece) ($32.99).


Even without the doppelgänger model, this shift dress from The Webster has a sleek Victoria Beckham feel to it ($39.99).

Stamps are crafty but extremely easy, and this set from Privet House is sophisticated looking.  I like to use stamps like these on envelopes when I send things in the mail ($12.99 for the set and stationery).  The "cheers" stamp would be great for party invitations or holiday greetings.  (I assume you can all figure out appropriate situations for using the others.) 

These green cane-pint glasses are awesome ($3.99 each).

Tall and Salty's Editorial Assistant has requested this green-and-orange-striped collar.  He loves the preppy styles ($5.99).

That's a lie.  He could care less about the collar.  He only has eyes for these treats ($3.99 - $4.99).  

What are your picks?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why you need your own wolf pack.

It turns out it's not just fun to have ladyfriends: it's science.  Everybody really does need a pal to lick her wounds once in a while.

According to this article in The New York Times, "longlasting and mutually beneficial relationships between females turn out to be the basic unit of social life, the force that not only binds existing groups together but explains why the animals’ ancestors bothered going herd in the first place."  The article talks about how different kinds of female animals watch after each other's babies, groom each other, and check in with one another by making particular sounds (researchers liken it to texting one another "where are you?").

Photo by Gabriella Camerotti
Image via Pinterest

Image via Retronaut

Animals with strong female bonds bear more offspring, live longer, and have lower stress levels than those that don't.  Moral of the story: you really do need a wolf pack.

Image via The Economist

PS: Have you watched Girls yet?  Are you planning to?  What did you think?

I'm intrigued.  It's in my DVR queue.  I can't believe the creator/writer/director/star is only 25!
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