Monday, December 16, 2013

The Tall and Salty Gift Guide for Gents

How's your Christmas shopping going?  Freaking out?  Me too.  If you're on the hunt for gifts for your favorite man friends, dads, brothers, husbands, or errand boys, some suggestions:  

A Warby Parker gift card and the promise that you'll help him pick out a pair (bonus: comes with a hilarious snowman kit) ($100).

A Hudson's Bay Company blanket that's navy instead of the usual off-white, because it's freaking freezing ($150).

A beef jerky sampler, because MEAT ($50).
Krave Jerky Review

A scratch-off map for keeping track of his world travels ($30).
Gift Ideas

Copper mugs for making Moscow Mules ($28).

Of all the gifts I've ever given my husband, this is honestly the one he uses the most: an extendable arm back-scratcher ($6).
Hits–The–Spot Back Scratcher


A cozy Christmas cardigan ($168, 30% off with code "GIFTNOW"). 

And because it's always fun to give toys, even to grown-ups, a crazy high-jumping pogo stick, which is somewhat silly but way more fun than say, socks ($129, but $25 off today; or try this one, which is ridiculously expensive -- and that's saying a lot given that the other one is a hundred bucks -- but you can jump four feet high!).

(Warby Parker image via Daily Candy; Hudson's Bay blanket image via Herschel Supply Company; beef jerky image via Mountain Weekly News; map image via Conde Nast Traveler.)

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