Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Begone Receipts

April Greaves' bags-within-bags system, via Sous Style
Here's a fun tip for you: inspired by this post on Sous Style, I decided to do something about my terrible habit of mindlessly throwing receipts in my purse/pocket/shopping bag/wallet/trash.  I tend to end up with fistfuls of paper at the bottom of my purse or bursting out of my wallet a few times a week, and I decided to get a dedicated pouch for receipts.  I splurged and bought this Kate Spade leather pouch, even though I figured that any envelope or even a plastic baggie would do.

Kate Spade Portola Valley Little Gia, available at katespade.com

I have a long history of buying things to help me get organized, but spending less time using said item than I did researching it.  I'm happy to report that I haven't fallen into that trap this time!  I can leave this unzipped for easy access, but it holds everything inside until I'm ready to go through the pile and put things where they're supposed to go (i.e., it was worth the money to not use a plastic baggie after all).  This little trick has helped me stay a lot more organized, and I've happily not thrown away anything important since I started doing this, a rather common occurrence pre-pouch.

Image via Sous Style
By the way, have you heard of Sous Style?  It's a fun site created by Pippa Lord, a Photo Director for Elle Magazine, that's for "hip, young Martha Stewart types."  Because I of course fancy myself to be hip, young, and a Martha Stewart type, even though there are strong arguments to the contrary on all fronts, I checked it out.  There are lots of fun home, food, recipe, entertaining and style posts, many with a rather irreverent but honest spin (for example, "if you're having your friends over and you haven't dusted, just dust as high as your tallest friend").

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