Friday, July 27, 2012

The perfect shirt

I love chambray shirts.  They're the perfect casual top to throw on with just about everything, year-round.
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I'm particularly obsessed with this polka-dot one from J. Crew.  
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Cute for summer with white shorts, and for fall with red skinny jeans.  Unfortunately, my husband hates chambray shirts.  To the point where the other day, he casually threw out a "so, why don't we both pick out one article of clothing to throw out from each other's closets?"  The nerve. 

Images: (d)STORE via Note to Self; J. Crew.


Jeanne said...

Haha. Your husband is funny.

Jeanne said...

I like this polka dot one from the Gap:

Unfortunately, these shirts are rarely made with darts. Who doesn't love darts?

Jeanne said...

I went to Old Navy at lunch and saw a polka dot chambray shirt with....DARTS! It doesn't appear to be online so I don't have a link to share.

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