Thursday, July 5, 2012

eBay Alerts

Have you ever fallen in love with a too-expensive something, waited for it to go on sale, and then missed it altogether?  Seen something in a magazine, on a blog, or Pinterest that's "an old flea market find" or "no longer in stores?"  Or broken a favorite old necklace long after it's no longer sold? 

eBay is your remedy.  You can find just about anything for sale on eBay, with luck, patience, and an extremely handy trick: eBay alerts.

When you search for something (in this case, I'm looking for this sparkly necklace that I had, loved, and broke) but don't find it right away, you can save the search.  Just click on the "save search" option on the same line as the results.
eBay will then send you an email every day that something comes up and hits your search terms.  So you don't have to check over and over (and you can cabin any obsessive tendencies that you might have and resist the urge to do the search multiple times a day).
I've gotten lucky a few times with this trick (these sandals, this dress, and this chandelier were my greatest triumphs!).  Happy shopping!

PS: remember this "It's better when you win it?" commercial for eBay?  It's so true!

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