Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friends Dress Alike

Have you ever noticed that friends dress alike?  My mom always used to say that whenever she saw people in a group wearing similar outfits, and it's so true: it starts with teenagers who desperately want to fit in and then it never changes!  I got a beer with my husband and our friend last night, and the boys were both wearing the same Brooks Brothers non-iron shirt and pants (to their credit, in ever-so-slightly-differing patterns and colors).  And as with all mom-isms, I hear my mom's voice saying "Friends dress alike!" whenever I see it.

So of course, my inner mom voice was shouting when I saw these two on the Fourth of July:
Matching black v-neck dresses?  Hot pink totes?  Sandals?  Check, check, and check.  And you know they didn't plan this -- it just happens!  I got a good giggle from seeing these ladies (and the text I got back from my mom after I sent her this picture was "I just laughed a belly laugh, and it was a big one," which made me laugh even more).  

I thought to myself that Friends Dress Alike would be a hilarious Tumblr, and it turns out that like most of my ideas that start off with "that would be a hilarious ___," someone else already thought of it.  And I was right: it is, in fact, a hoot.  
sometimes friends dress alike at a baby’s birthday party.sometimes friends dress alike in a brewery.sometimes ladies dress alike at the pool.
Do you ever show up somewhere dressed like your friends?  It happens to me all the time!

PS: Lena Dunham and her friend dress alike.

(Top image is mine, bottom images via Friends Dress Alike.)

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