Friday, July 20, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone.  Hope you had a good week and lots of fun plans are in your future (or no plans, if that's what makes you happy)!

I've been pondering trying a new recipe of some sort (or maybe giving my culinary Waterloo another go, since the first two attempts were failures!), but we had a fun impromptu mid-week dinner gathering on Wednesday, so I might just let myself off the hook and catch up on Girls and The Newsroom from the comfort of my a/c, instead.

What are you up to over the weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it and that it makes you feel good.  Have a relaxing weekend and I'll see you again next week.  Take care and enjoy these links!

A fascinating article about going to friends' weddings.

Who doesn't love wine and yoga pants?

A big "whoa!" to Ladies Mary, Edith, and Sybil.

Extremely handy kitchen towels.

Stars . . . if they really were just like us.  (Beyonce and Jay-Z crack me up).

That's what she read.  (Thanks Sarah!)

How are you doing on this 30 by 30 list?  (It's okay, I'm not doing all that hot, either. :))

The Playboy Bunny Instruction Manual.

Queen Elizabeth's code name is Brenda?  That rocks.

So this makes me really glad I went to a school that didn't have a Greek system.  Yikes!

Hilarious (and yes, slightly insulting) Chicago neighborhood posters.  

The Miss Subways beauty pageant.  (Thanks Jeanne!)

An absolutely darling wedding in a boxing gym.  How creative is that? (via @snippetandink)

(Photograph of John Lennon for the album cover of Walls and Bridges by Jon Gruen; via Allyson in Wonderland.)

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