Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer polish MVPs

Fall looks are popping up everywhere, even though it's not even August yet.  Hold your horses, everyone!  I love "back to school" clothes more than anyone, but let's just relax and enjoy the rest of the summer, shall we?  There will be plenty of time for boots, blazers, and dark nail polish come fall, I promise.  

Until then, I keep going back to these bright, fun, summery colors:  

Essie Mint Candy Apple layered under Essie Absolutely Shore (long story on how that came to be, but just take my word for it: it produces a fantastic not-too-green but not-too-blue color) for fingers, and Essie Geranium for toes, a perfect orangey-red.

What are your summer color MVPs?  Essie's Borrowed and Blue has been a big hit with my ladyfriends.

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