Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Make My Wishes Come True - Clipboard

I love to-do lists. I love making them, I love organizing them, and I love scratching items out once I've accomplished them. I confess that sometimes I list things that I've already done, just for the satisfaction of crossing them out. Admit it -- you've done this before!

My beloved calendar and notebook
The downside to this is that I have lists coming out of my ears, on all manner of paper scraps, and, in times of true desparation, limbs. This may have something to do with the fact that I always carry not one but two leather-bound notebooks: one organizer and calendar, and one notebook just for jotting things down. I use them because they're beautiful, but also because I like being able to see my days planned out. I know it probably makes more sense from a pragmatic point of view to use my iPhone calendar, but this works for me. (For a fascinating read about the paper v. electronic calendar debate, check out this article.) It's funny, because my husband thinks I'm crazy for sticking to my bulky paper calendars, but when I mention this to my ladyfriends, it turns out that many of them still use paper too. Further proof that they are my kind of people.

 However, I have felt the pull to the dark side lately, and I have this app to blame: TeuxDeux is a deeply satisfying to-do list that's beautifully and simply designed (thanks, in part, to the delightful swissmiss) and comes with just the right amount of bells and whistles. You enter your to-do items on the day that you intend to do them. Once you finish, you tap the item and it oh-so-satisfyingly crosses it out for you. If you don't cross things off by the end of the day, the app rolls them over to the following day. One of the best features, though, is the "Someday" list, where you can note all those nagging little things that you mean to get to at some point, but that don’t fit into a particular day. To me, that feature sets this apart from the standard iPhone Reminders app, which requires you to match up your reminders to a particular day. And we all know that there are certain things one just can’t quite commit to, but that you don’t want to forget!

TeuxDeux is free on the web, and the app is $2.99. If you use the web-based service and the app, your lists will sync automatically, so you can make changes on both ends and see them on the other side. You can also have multiple accounts for different purposes. For example, I use one account for my every day list-keeping enjoyment, but then I have another account that I use to plan out ideas for Tall and Salty posts. I use the "Someday" section to keep track of little tidbits that catch my eye for Friday afternoon weekly roundup posts. And now I’ll be crossing "TeuxDeux" off of my list of posts for today!

Do you use a paper calendar or electronic? If you’re a paper-monger like me, would you be willing to give an electronic form a go?

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