Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joss & Main, are you spying on me?

I opened my daily Joss & Main email today, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  A few things that I have and love (and apparently should not have paid full price for!) and a few new things that I'd be happy to give a new home to.  Allow me to share:

your hand in mine dog duvet
Image via Molly Mutt

Tall and Salty's Editorial Assistant adores his Molly Mutt dog bed.  We used to keep some blankets and towels in the bottom of his crate and he seemed to like that just fine, but ever since we got him this bed, he hangs out in there all the time, even when we're home (call it it the canine equivalent of the Forever Lazy)!  And we love it because we don't have to wash the whole bed every time it's starting to look a bit dingy.  We just take off the outside cover -- the duvet, if you will -- and leave the stuffing for washing later.  I highly recommend the Stuff Sack, too.  You don't have to get it, but it makes washing the duvet part much easier.  These also come in some great prints, which is nice if, like us, your dog bed is a prominent part of your living room decor.

I've had my eye on The World in Vogue: People, Parties, Places for a long time (side note: sorry about the loss, TomAt least you know your wife still thinks you're the cat's pajamas!).  This is a great coffee table book, and the site has tons of others to choose from.  I'll take Kate Betts' Michelle Obama bookAnnie Leibovitz at Work, and Celerie Kemble's Black and White (And a Bit in Between), thank you very much. 

Growing up, my mom had a big red plate just like this one that said "You are Special Today" that you got to use on your birthday!  It lived in the china cabinet every other day, and only came out for special occasions.  Let me tell you, this was A Very Big Deal in our house.  (In a truly touching and also hilarious moment, she even had me use it at the big family dinner that my parents hosted the night before our rehearsal dinner).  I'd love to do something similar, and this Chalkboard China plate would be just the thing.    

I love how you could change it up for different occasions -- birthdays, holidays, weddings, or just for everyday, "Hooray for being you!" type celebrations.  And I could see a very adorable "we're having a baby!" scenario if this fell into the right hands. 

Do you see anything you like? 

FYI: I haven't received any sort of perks from Joss & Main -- just passing along a few ideas.  However, if you sign up through the link I provided, I'll receive a referral credit.  Thought you should know!

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