Friday, February 3, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Photo by Max Wanger
 Happy Friday, friends!  While I am off on the world's quickest trip to Tampa and Orlando, enjoy the following.

If yesterday's Valentine's Day gifts post wasn't exactly your cup of tea, enjoy this funny card.

The Jason Wu for Target collection goes on sale Sunday.  Here's a map of the Chicago area stores that will have the merchandise in-store.  To my unending regret, these designer collaborations all tend to run way too short on me (this Rodarte for Target dress was straight up bedroom attire!) but good luck to the rest of you -- these clothes are adorable.  I love the mustard top and black skirt outfit.

Design*Sponge featured these Lulie Wallace paintings a few weeks ago.  You should check them out!  I have this image as my desktop wallpaper, and it makes me smile whenever I see it.  Lulie also does commissions for a reasonable price.  What a lovely piece of personal art for your home!

This has been everywhere, but in the off chance you've missed it, get ready for a good laugh!  Kristen Bell is a hoot, but Ellen can ALWAYS make me laugh.

This Kate Spade video will make you a) want a shirt that says "Skirt the Rules," b) wonder how it's possible to play musical chairs with such grace in such footwear; and c) smile!  (And over the weekend, save $50 on your purchase of $250, in stores or online with code "YOP12")

This made me laugh: a weirdly punny/funny knitting book for dudes.

Gilt City Chicago is offering a White Sox proposal package.  For $5000.  This could be...interesting? 

Take a look at Eli Manning's condo and Tom Brady's GINORMOUS LAIR.  (Via The Nesting Game, who also makes a good point: isn't Eli's place a little not as interesting as you'd expect?)

You know how Jay-Z has 99 Problems?  It appears that Eli Manning is dealing with his own list of Problems A Through K.

Wes Welker took his Super Bowl press conference as an opportunity to tell the world about Tom Brady's toilet.  Exhibit A in support of the theory that sometimes, boys are just a bit weird.   

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