Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Fellows

Ladyfriends, there are twelve days until Valentine's Day!  Show how much you've thought about your gentleman caller with one of these ideas. 

1.  A 20 x 200 print that's made from an article about his favorite TV show.  Wouldn't it be nice to brush your teeth together next to this every day?
What is Marriage? by Austin Kleon 
2.  A snuggly sweater for watching movies on the couch with a fire.
Cotton-cashmere shawl-collar sweater
J. Crew Cotton-Cashmere Shawl Collar Sweater
3.  No fireplace?  Fake it with this candle.
Henri Bendel Firewood Candle
4.  Make him his favorite dinner. 
Image from here, but try this recipe here.  It's a lasagna recipe that has its OWN WEB SITE!  It's worth every step.
Follow it up with his favorite dessert (bonus: no baking required, and no dishes if you just eat it straight from the carton, as is his preference).

5.  A pair of hipster shoes that he keeps looking at, but won't buy for himself because he "doesn't really need them."  
Walk-Over Men's Saddle Shoes
6.  Even though it's too late for the perfect Christmas sweater he spent all of December looking for, there's still time for some warm and wintry Valentine's Day socks.
Corgi wool and cotton socks
7.  A cool bottle of whiskey from a distillery in Michigan.
Journeyman Distillery Ravenswood Rye Whiskey, available from In Fine Spirits, 5418 N. Clark Street
8.  A sweet note camouflaged in a funny card. 
Available at Paper Dolls Chicago
Valentine Card, Octopus in Love
Kate's Paperie Valentine
Valentines Card. Anniversary Card. I Love You Card - You're My Favorite Husband
Available on from JulieAnnArt
9.  Take a trip to  I bet he'll like it!
Julianne Aimee slip
10.  And some bonus freebies that will just make his day better, because really, isn't that how you show someone you love them?  Walk the dog, make the bed, or pack everyone's lunches, because he does those things every day for you!
Tall and Salty's Editorial Assistant in action.  Image is mine.
Sandwich photo via Oh Joy!

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