About Tall and Salty

Welcome to Tall and Salty, a blog about style, design, culture (mostly of the pop variety), cooking and food, relationships, travel, and all manner of neat stuff, pretty things, and interesting topics.  Tall and Salty was born when I decided to do something a little more creative and a little prettier than what I typically do in my day job as a lawyer, and moved on from sending one-off emails to my ladyfriends with subject lines like "This made me think of you," "I thought you would like this," and "Well THIS is hilarious."  

I live in Chicago with my husband, who fancies himself to be Tall and Salty's in-house contributor, and our dog, my trusty editorial assistant.  If you're wondering where the name Tall and Salty comes from, one of my friends once told me that based on how she had described me to her work colleagues, the two qualities that they picked up on were my height -- I'm really tall -- and my love of salt, to the point where they started asking, "How's Tall and Salty doing?"  

She says hi and thanks for stopping by. 

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