Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Tall and Salty Gift Guide for Ladies

Friends, I have received my first "Last minute gifts!" email, which means that it's time to get around to posting my gift guides.  [Side note: J. Crew, you need a little refresher on what procrastination really means.]  The first installment, below, is full of suggestions for the ladies in your life: moms, sisters, friends, and coworkers who you couldn't make it through the day without (without whom you couldn't make it through the day?).  Perhaps we should just call this "suggestions for girls you love because they don't correct your grammar" and get on with it.  Ergo: 

stack of simple rings that look way more expensive than they really are and that she'll want to wear with everything ($25 with free shipping, too).

A cute glasses or sunglasses case so she quits losing her pair in her purse ($45).

And if her purse is really bad, a light for expeditions therein ($8).

Perfect for pregnant friends who can't indulge this season, a candle that's still not the real thing, but she'll appreciate the thought ($42).  And you could always pair it with a bottle of the good stuff down the road.

The choose-your-own-adventure version of address stamps: you give this stamp, and the recipient gets to go online and pick the style she loves from tons of choices.  Thoughtful and you give her the gift of making sure she gets what she wants ($40).

In case of emergency: Wine One One ($17.50).

A cookbook from Lemonade, a Southern California restaurant that I keep seeing everywhere and looks tremendously delicious (and if these guys like it, well, OBVIOUSLY) ($18).

A beautiful necklace that can be customized with an address important to her: locations of engagements, weddings, first homes, favorite restaurants?  (That one might be just me.) ($175)

For those who want to sleep like Oprah (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), new jammies ($74 and $128, 20% off with code OPRAH).

Fancy monogrammed cocktail napkins for feeling like a grown-up ($58 for 4).

A quirky beanie with pink flamingos and palm trees to remind her that that warmth is out there, and it's coming eventually ($40).

Happy giving!

(Top image by Kate Spade via Note to Self; Lemonade cookbook image by DomestiKated Life.)

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