Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hooray for hats

I spent my Fourth of July sleeping late, going to the beach, grilling out in the park, and riding my bike.  Clearly no time for, say, showering.  I got a pixie cut last August, and my hair isn't quite long enough for a ponytail yet.  On a day like yesterday that was full of hot, sandy, lake-watery fun and completely devoid of time for primping, I've never been more grateful for my summer straw hat!  (More than I can say for the majority of my H&M impulse purchases.)

This picture from The Sartorialist was taken in 2007 (!).  Doesn't she look completely current?  I mean, on my best day in 2012 I don't look this coolly put-together.  (This also handily undercuts the argument that fedoras are overly trendy.)

Moral of the story: a classic straw fedora, a striped tee, and patterned shorts (and a bicycle) will make you look good forever!

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