Friday, July 20, 2012

Amazing travel photos

Warning: serious wanderlust is going to ensue if you read any further.  With apologies to your travel budgets, The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is underway, and it is stunning.  These people have been on some amazing trips, and the pictures are gorgeous (a far cry from my blurry "here we are in ____!" -type photos). 
Aren't these pictures incredible?  You can read more about the lava makeout photo here -- the kiss and the dip were spontaneous!  The elephant picture breaks my heart: the elephant is mourning the loss of her friend, and has her trunk wrapped around the friend's tusk.  She stayed that way for hours! 

You can see all of the entries here.  What's your favorite? 

All photos are entries in The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.  Lava photo from Kalapana, Hawaii by Dallas Nagata; hot air balloon photo from Arctic Bay by Michelle Valberg; fall foliage photo from Ontario, Canada by Alessandro Cancian; spiral staircase at the Vatican by Syaza Mohammed Shakharulain, elephant photo by John Chaney, Yosemite Valley photo by Hong Zeng.  Photos via The Atlantic, via My Modern Met.

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