Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Foolproof travel outfit

A few months ago, I was flying home from Washington, D.C. when I spotted this outfit on a fellow traveler stuck in the security line, and I was jealous that I wasn't wearing it.
Comfortable, cute, and all-climates-appropriate (although it might subject you to creepy surreptitious picture-taking by outfit admirers).  For future replication purposes, try these options:
Skirt: Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade maxi skirt ($59) (and for a very long version, try this one).
Bag: Kooba Jane ($357.99) (or add a pop of color with this less expensive Orla Kiely bag).

Check out another great travel outfit here, and for some interesting (and NO NONSENSE) travel tips, check out this article from the Sunday New York Times: they recommend that if you have to check a bag, to put a starter pistol in it and declare that you're checking an unloaded firearm, the reasoning being that no airline would lose a bag with a gun in it.  Seems a bit much to me, but to each her own!

One less intense and rather genius tip: if you forget to bring one of your chargers, ask your hotel to look in its lost and found, which is almost guaranteed to have an inventory that could rival a small electronics store.  Makes sense -- how many times have you left behind a charger on your travels?

Are you traveling anywhere soon?  What do you wear when you travel?

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