Thursday, April 4, 2013

WTF, Evolution?

About once a year, I end up on a blog/Tumblr/website that makes me cry tears of laughter at my computer screen in what would be a very embarrassing way if anyone saw or heard me, and I am compelled to read every single post because it is hilarious, if only to me.  Last year, it was Postcards From Yo Momma (which I highly encourage you to check out because, OBVIOUSLY).
Leading candidate for this year's winner: WTF, Evolution?  If the title doesn't lure you in, perhaps its "About" section will: "Honoring natural selection's most baffling creations. Go home, evolution, you are drunk." I wouldn't have thought that extremely weird-looking animals paired with fictional dialogue with Evolution would be that funny, but I can assure you, it is.

I feel for this giraffe (which sends no love to Evolution).  This is what I look like every time I drop something on the ground.
Have any pregnant or new mom friends?  Perhaps remind them that it could be so much worse:
I mean really . . . just go.  Apparently Evolution gets drunk, high, has fever dreams and nightmares, has trouble staying motivated, and sometimes just needs psychiatric help.  

(Via swissmiss.)

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