Friday, April 12, 2013

The Grandma Museum

My grandma was one the last generations to have Outfits: every ensemble had its own purse, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.  Her closets were amazing to behold -- the nooks and crannies where she stashed things were simply mind-boggling and made for the best dress-up and hide-and-seek.  The smell of mothballs still makes me feel like someone's going to find me!  Now, I'm lucky to have some of her jewelry, purses, and coats, and wearing them always feels special: it's not just a ring . . . it's my grandma's cocktail ring, and I remember how she wore it to the dentist, the grocery store, and the dry cleaner, like it was no big deal, and it makes me happy.  I get the biggest kick out of seeing her name embroidered inside of her fur coat when I wear it.  

This gushy nostalgic feeling is likely why I love The Grandma Museum, artist Sarah Koik's online repository of gifts from her grandma, which captures "a life over two generations, and the broader sentimentality of receiving gifts from a grandmother."  
hand warmer.jpg

The Museum also has a blog where others can submit things that their grandmothers have given them, and it's sort of fascinating and touching to see the bits and bobs that grandmas have been giving, and the sweet notes that their granddaughters have written about them.

Do you have anything of your grandmother's that reminds you of her?

(Top image of my grandma's fur with her name inside it is from my Instagram; other images are all from The Grandma Museum.)

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