Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hope you had a lovely few days!

Hello there -- hope you haven't missed me too much.  It's been all work and no play (or at least, no writing for fun) around these parts lately, and I fear that conditions won't be improving much in the near future.  But don't fret, because I'll be doing my best to keep you supplied with a somewhat steady diet of fun things and interesting reads.  Case in point: some links from the last week or so.  Hope you enjoy!
Now that's a big dog.

Adorably nerdy pants.

What a great gift idea: send famous local foods nationwide.

Insane interview with a former art thief (via @brainpicker).  (And the flip side.)

Genius tip for painting.

Heartbreaking essay about dogs and babies.

What did you think of the Project Runway finale?


(Image via Sous Style, original credit unknown.)

1 comment:

Shannon Henderson said...

The nerdy pants don't look good even on the model but I really enjoyed the art smuggler story. Thanks for the shares

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