Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Devil in the details

taking a moment to chalk up our board. #hellodubai
This picture from Kate Spade's Tumblr of the new store in Dubai (can you even imagine?) caught my eye today.  It looks like they're using the company's vintage ads on the walls, which means it must be ridiculously charming because their ads are so pretty and graphic.  The real kicker: my favorite old ad (I remember I was in college when I first saw it) is down in the lower right-hand corner.  And just in time for Halloween -- how cute is that little devil?  (And the bag's rather lovely too -- a good reminder to invest in not flashy, classic, beautiful things.)
Every once in a while, I just fall in love with an ad or a commercial, like this one: the darling little kid, the expression on the mom's face, the mom's outfit -- it's just so perfect.  Is that totally weird, or does it happen to you too?

(Top image via Kate Spade's Tumblr; bottom image by Kate Spade via Love with the Proper Stranger.)

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