Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blankies for grown-ups

Hello there!  I'm finally back.  I severely underestimated the effects of my "vacation hangover" (i.e., jet lag), so apologies for my extended absence.  I'll have some pictures of my travels next week, but in the meantime, it seems that fall happened while I was away -- I feel like I left and it was summer, and now that I'm back, it really is fall.  Which is the best time of year for one of my favorite pieces of clothing: what I call the blankie sweater.  It's a huge, cozy sweater that doubles as a blankie for snuggling up under, wherever you might be (couch, office, public transportation, the movies, or in my case last week, a plane).

The key to looking polished and not like you're hidden under a giant afghan: pick one that fits you in the shoulders and wear slim cut pants underneath. Seven good ones:
Gap Poncho Sweater, $63.99 on sale (plus an extra 15% off today with the code GAPGIFT).

(Image via here.)

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