Saturday, July 28, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Hi everyone.  Hope your weekend is off to a smashing start!  Up to anything good?  My family is coming into town this weekend to redeem our Christmas gift to my dad: a sail on Lake Michigan!  Is it bad to give someone else a present that you really want to enjoy yourself?  If so . . . whoopsie.

We also have plans to go to the baseball game (Go Cards!) and watch the Olympics (Go Team USA!  And [don't click on this if you haven't seen the 400m IM race!] Ryan Lochte: call me!).

Whether you're having a similarly sporty weekend or a more laid-back one, enjoy, and here are some links for your reading pleasure.

Famous album covers in their backyards.

This bride's 20s style is so cute.

Proof that context is everything: The Shining as romantic comedy.

News flash: famous people have awesome houses.

Ice cream spoon-shovels (spovels?) (via Daily Candy).

How do I get this hair on my head?

Where We Belong is finally available!

And in honor of the Olympics, a few themed links:

You would be the hit of any party in this hat (via swissmiss).

A medal-winning version of Call Me Maybe.

A slideshow of the Opening Ceremonies outfits.
(Images: via Cape Code Collegiate, photo credit unknown; via Habitually Chic, photo credit unknown.  If you know the source of either photo, please let me know--thanks!)

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