Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tour de France

Are you keeping up with the Tour de France?  That kind of endurance is mind-boggling!  (Says Woman who Hates the Gym.)  Did you hear that someone threw tacks on the course, blowing the riders' tiresWhat is wrong with people??  To the riders' credit, the cyclists who avoided the tacks uniformly didn't take advantage of their competitors' bad luck and didn't attack, save one guy who said he didn't know what happened.  Don't you kind of feel bad for him?  You know he's like, ugh, what an international jackass I look like.
I love riding my bike for fun (that's code for "slow enough not to get sweaty"), but that kind of grueling workout sounds torturous to me.  The one time I tried spin class, I was like the Tin Man on the bike: all creaky and jerky.  It was terrible!  But all of my friends are in love with Flywheel -- they rave about it.  Have you ever tried it?  Did you like it?  (And do you make up revenge fantasies while you're working out like the hilarious Mindy Kaling?  I bet you could come up with some elaborate bike backstories.)

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