Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ashley Goldberg

Artist Ashley Goldberg has an etsy shop that's full of her illustration and typography prints, but the abstract paintings that she posted to her blog blew me away.  Aren't these beautiful?  I love the colors.
Photo 2
I'm trying to find "real" art to hang in our home, but it's hard: I can never find any kind of sizable piece that I like that doesn't cost a small fortune, which is how we've ended up with approximately fifty tiny framed objects on our wall.  It's sort of exhausting to look at.  Do you have that problem?  Any good sources for art?  (Follow-up question: how does everyone else find such amazing paintings at flea markets and thrift stores, and all I find are velvet Elvises and souvenir posters from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics?)

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