Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pardon the interruption...

But I'm going to interrupt Tall and Salty's regularly-scheduled (and sized) posting for a special public service announcement for the taller ladies who read this blog.  Those of you who can purchase jeans in a regular store, well, this one's not for you (but I would strongly encourage you to look at these polka-dot jeans because they are adorable). 

Pinned ImageNow, for the rest of us: through the magic that is Pinterest, I ended up on the website for TallWater JeansTwin sisters (who are 6'2" and 6'3") started the company because they were so irritated with trying to find pants that fit.  So basically, they actually did what all of us keep saying that we're going to do, but don't quite get around to doing.  And I thought, wow, those actually don't look that bad. 

I got extra lucky and was able to try them on in a store, which is huge when you're dealing with clothes for a person who has serious fit issues.  (For Chicago tall ladies: both locations of The Denim Lounge, on Oak Street and Roscoe Village, carry them in-store.)

And they are AWESOME.  Seriously, truly, awesome.  There are three styles for sale on the TallWater web site, but the only pair I've tried so far is the Elle bootcut.  Not only are they long (which, as we all know, is the most important part), they have this amazing fit that is precisely made for a tall body type: among many really clever adjustments, the one I found the most helpful is that the rise is slightly longer, so the waist sits where it's actually supposed to sit on your body and makes you look thinner and leaner.  You look like you're wearing a completely normal pair of Joe's or J Brand Jeans, but that actually fit.  And miracle of miracles: they're a classic, dark wash, gloriously devoid of bedazzling, flame-embroidery, excessive whiskering, or any other manner of hideous adornment that frequently defile other pairs of tall jeans.

The Denim Lounge folks, who are super knowledgeable about all things denim, told me that they met Lynn and Kate, the sisters behind the line, and that they are lovely.  (I have to imagine that they're fun: anyone who dresses as My Little Ponies for Halloween gets my stamp of approval.)  Which is neither here nor there, but I'm always intrigued by the people behind ideas like this.  Well done, ladies!

Bottom line: HIGHLY recommend.

And now, back to regularly-sized programming.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming in and trying them on and LOVING them!! We try to carry jeans for all shapes and sizes. To the wonderful ladies at Tall Water...we need more!!

All the best,

David and Wendi
(owners of The Denim Lounge-Chicago)

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