Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Gift Guide

Is your dad impossible to shop for?  Mine is.  Whenever you ask him what he wants, he just says "peace."  Given that that's not exactly something one can wrap in a box and drop in the mail, here are a few other suggestions.  

A Brooks Brothers shirt that can be washed instead of dry cleaned and never, ever, ever has to be ironed ($88).
Manly coasters (who knew such a thing existed?) for his man room ($24).
Ice molds so that he can make awesome giant round cubes for cocktails ($20.99).
Or if he's more of a beer man, a fancy beer koozie ($24.99).
OR if wine is more his style, a wine carrier for his bicycle ($28.55) (apparently, dads drink a lot).
A numbered coffee mug for analytical types ($7.95).
Or a Scrabble coffee mug for those who prefer Words with Friends (or the old school version, since dads tend to pride themselves on being of the old school persuasion) ($11.95).
Speaking of old school: a pair of shoes that he likes because they're classic (and doesn't realize are hip again) ($60).
A book about trips to get him thinking about going on a fun vacation ($39.99).
A leather money clip to upgrade his beloved rubber band ($36).
A hamburger press for making perfectly uniform burgers this summer ($9.99).
A copy of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, so he can replicate the cuisine of the world's best greasy spoons (his favorite!) ($12.95).
A super strong golf umbrella ($42.46).
And lastly, what would Father's Day be without a tie?  This one is probably a lot cooler than the ones in his closet ($34.99).
And don't forget a card to say you love him and try to begin to thank him for everything ($4).

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