Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jessica Hische

Do you have any completely random people that you're in awe of because of the internet?  In addition to convincing myself that I would be BFFs with Tom and Lorenzo and the Fug Girls, I am sort of obsessed with the work of illustrator, letterer, and designer Jessica Hische

Her portfolio website is the kind of site that you end up clicking around on forever, because everything you look at is more interesting than the thing that came before it (and you simply must check out the "teen girl mode."  Trust me, you'll crack up).  Her work has been in magazines like People, O, and InStyle, too.
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She also designs beautiful letters for designers (and the rest of us) to use.  Wouldn't these be gorgeous on personal notecards, letterhead, or wedding stationery?  (Many, many more at Daily Drop Cap; see them all here.)  

I used her Buttermilk font to make "babies shower" invitations for a friend's shower ( (she was having twins!), and for my annual girls' Oscars party.  I loved the way they turned out.  Although please, please pardon the iPhone photos and very (un)professionally-done obscuring of personal details, ha!  You can purchase the font here.
And right after I sent out the invitations, I saw this book for sale at Anthropologie.  Hello, Buttermilk.  Isn't it funny how once you learn about something, you start seeing it everywhere? 
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You can send a little love someone's way with some of Jessica's work, too: she illustrated this Love stamp for the United States Postal Service (how awesome would these be for wedding invitations, in lieu of the usual offerings of cakes and flowers and wedding bands?). 
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A friend just forwarded me her wedding invitation, and it's everything you would expect from such a creative designer: in addition to being funny and totally outside-the-box, it enlists the help of the couple's extensive group of artist friends to tell the story of how they met and fell in love.
You can also see Jessica and Russ's sweet engagement announcement here

Isn't her work amazing?

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