Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mad Men withdrawal

Was your Sunday night weirdly empty?  Mine was.  Such is the week that follows the Mad Men season finale. Let's all turn to these pictures from Retronaut (from an article titled, simply, "Middle Aged Women, 1960s") for a little something to ease the pain, shall we?

This looks so much like Peggy's typical office wear, doesn't it? (Side note: other than looking super pissed that her picture is being taken, this lady looks pretty hip with her bright pink lip!)
But I could totally see the new Power Peggy wearing this red suit.
This is multiple Betty outfits in one!
This looks so much like Neighbor Francine (right down to the tired pose in the wood-paneled kitchen) that all she needs is a cigarette and a scarf covering up her hair rollers!  Too bad we haven't seen her since the Draper/Francises moved out of Ossining.  (And we lost Francine and kept Glen Bishop?  Come ON.)
And this lady could have been sitting next to Betty at Weight Watchers, no?
And finally: Peggy's mom, how did you get in here?
Anyone watching anything good now that Mad Men is over?  I miss having a Sunday night show -- it's the perfect way to end the weekend.

(All images via Retronaut.)

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