Friday, June 15, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

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And just like that, the weekend is upon us!  What will you be doing?  We're laying low at our house tonight and watching a movie.  Tomorrow night we are going to brave Big Star with friends (who are leaving their little dudes at home with a babysitter for one of the first times!).  No big plans for Sunday, but hopefully it will involve basking in the sun (with appropriate SPF, of course) in some iteration.  I keep meaning to get a beach blanket, and I need a good book.  Any suggestions?

Sadly, I won't be seeing my dad this weekend (I am out of town, but he is also at camp, haha: he's a high school basketball coach and he has camp every year on Father's Day.)  Hope you get to see your dad and give him a big hug!

Take care and have a great weekend!

Mmmm...Pimm's Cup.  And other summer cocktails.

Awesome stairs.

Speaking of wedding music, stars really are just like us: they love to use At Last as their first dance song (via Racked).

It's hard being two.

It's amazing what people can do with IKEA stuff.

Retro kitchen appliances.

Sweden lets a different citizen take on the country's official @Sweden Twitter handle each week.  Hilarity (and vulgarity) ensue.

Amanda Peet's house is gorgeous.  I've always loved that Funny Girl poster hanging in her daughter's room because it's my mom's favorite movie. 

Would you try bras online?

Chair roundup.

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And in honor of Father's Day:

I DARE you to not cry a little bit watching Mira Sorvino thank her dad in her Oscars acceptance speech.

And a site dedicated to MAN STUFF.

(Photos of Gwyneth Paltrow and her dad and Princes Charles, William, and Harry via

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