Thursday, June 21, 2012

Funny Girls

As your Thursday lunchtime pick-me-up, enjoy this hilarious video of Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller, model Hilary Rhoda, Rebecca Minkoff, designer of beautiful handbags and other goods, and, most adorably, Rebecca Minoff's baby, getting ready for the CFDA Awards:
How funny is the dancing baby?  (You can't order him, but if you like Hilary's sweater, you can get it here.)  And here are the three lovely ladies later that night, all done up:
If only we could all get ready to go out with our ladyfriends like this.  Meaning "all together, with cocktails," but the army of professional hair and makeup folks wouldn't be too bad, either!  

I think getting ready to go out at the same time as my friends (with an appropriate pop soundtrack) is one of the things I miss most from college.  Now I have to get all done up with a boy around, and it is so not helpful!

How about you?  Do you prefer peace and quiet, or access to the "which shoes/which earrings/what lipstick?" tribunal?

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