Friday, June 8, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Pinned ImageHappy Friday, everyone!  I'm off for my "standing meeting" (a very official bi-monthly BYOB mani/pedi gathering of ladyfriends, which I am quite certain is a phrased never before used by anyone, anywhere, ha!).  We're heading to the Old Town Art Fair tomorrow -- on my newly basketed bike, I might add -- and then to a dinner party with friends.  Sunday looks to be a low key day, which could be very handy: I got a new bikini and might need to spend the day doing deep yoga breathing before trying it on.  :)  Whatever your plans, I hope you have a great one.  Enjoy the following and I'll talk to you Monday!      

 First and foremost, breaking news: SALT IS NOT THE DEVIL, hooray!

In case you are invited to a polo match in the offing, here's a handy look at what people wear to such an event.

This organized pantry will make you vow to clean up yours (and might make you worry that you are a crazed hoarder.  Don't worry: you're (probably) not). 

Funny shop for people going through breakups (don't miss this tee though, appropriate for everyone) (via Cup of Jo). 

What a cute bride.

Well, if the New York Times hath decreed that Bangs are Back, it must be so.

Now this is a serious (yet irreverent!) dinner party.

We've talked about a tights of the month club: how about a tattoo of the month club?

Chicagoans: City Target is imminent -- take a peek inside here.

Could someone in the Northeast please snag me some of this pesto?  Thanks in advance!

Aww: what a sweet dad thing to do.

Oh my God, I love these two (and happy belated Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth!).

Airplane bathroom self-portraits.  If that wasn't enough on its own to get you to click, let me tell you that if you were sitting next to this woman, you might die.  Now go.  Seriously (via swissmiss).  

Stately sandwiches (via Wit & Delight)!  (This is one of those things that makes me think, why am I a lawyer?  Other people are doing things that are so much FUN.)

What a cool gardening service (via PureWow). 

An amazing and colorful home

(Image via Les O'Brien Photographs

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