Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello, cozy nook.

And may I relax on your darling settee?  Thanks.  I've had a long day.
My upstairs neighbor, whose place is absolutely fabulous, mentioned the other day that she was thinking about getting a wall of built-ins installed in a room somewhat similar to this one: there's about a foot and a half of space between the wall and the edge of the doorway closest to the wall.  I sent her this picture and she said she's thinking about deviating from her plan to install a whole wall of shelves.  I don't blame her: wouldn't this little nook be a fantastic place to lounge?  I mean, you could totally watch trashy television here instead of reading important Works of Literature, and you wouldn't have to feel the slightest bit guilty.  

Maybe it is the lawyer nerd in me, but I love those brass lamps above the shelves.  What's your favorite part?

(Image via i suwannee, by Christina Murphy for House Beautiful

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