Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glitter nail polish: yea or nay?

A silly topic to start the day:

So, I'm thirty.  I'm a lawyer.  I also kind of enjoy a glittery nail polish every now and then.

My brain tells me that this is not a good thing, but my eyes typically betray me when it comes to sparkly things.  (And it's economical!  Glitter is an excellent chip-concealing device.)

I try not to wear it to work, because "glitter nail polish" sort of screams "Elle Woods, attorney."  I also worry that the appropriate age for glitter-wearing is somewhere (far) south of thirty.  But sometimes, it's just fun, isn't it?

What say you, readers?  Harmless fun, or best left to those who still have a prom in their futures?

PS: five gold glitter polishes, and tips for getting your glitter off (it's harder than one would think!).

(Image via This is Glamorous.)


Jeanne said...

You can make your own glitter polish!

Tall and Salty said...

Good tip!

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