Monday, June 11, 2012

Rub a dub dub . . . or not.

I have a confession: I hate showering.  It's not that I'm hygiene-averse.  It's that I hate the process that it starts all over again: blow-drying my hair, putting on makeup, rushing to get out the door somewhere.  There always seems to be a better way that I could be using that time.  So whenever I can (ahem, lazy weekends and slow work days) I totally cheat.  (Somewhere, my mother is clutching her pearls and yelling at her computer, "But I taught her to BATHE DAILY!")

I thought I was alone in this shameful secret.  I mean, once you're a grown-up, isn't it socially unacceptable to say "But I don't want to take a bath!"?  But a few weeks ago at a party, a bunch of ladies that I was talking to all confessed to the same thing!  (There was one holdout who said that she loves the ritual aspect of the whole getting-ready process.  I'm jealous -- I wish I felt that way!)  Even more amazing to me was that these women reported that their significant others frequently nagged (or, you know, instructed, demanded, or begged) them to take a shower!  Nice to know I'm in such normal company. :)

What about you?  Do you look forward to the ritual of getting clean, making-up, and doing your hair?  Or do you try to skip it whenever you can?  (Don't worry: I won't judge.)  And don't you think that men would be more understanding of this dilemma if it required the same time investment from them?

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