Friday, June 22, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Pinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImageAs the old saying goes, it is, in fact, "the freaking weekend."  What are you up to? 

I've got my "standing meeting" (BYOB nails!) tonight with my ladyfriends, and then I'm going to be attending a ladies' pool party tomorrow.  I'm in charge of dessert, and I'll be bringing these lemon cookies

On Sunday, I will finally be attending Dose Market -- I'm so excited!  I swear I've been out of town or otherwise engaged every weekend that it's on, so I'm glad to finally get there and try out all the tasty snacks.  And, of course, let's not forget the part with the shopping.  I'm supposed to bike downtown from Lakeview, and I'm a bit scared -- this will be my longest adventure yet, so wish me luck (and the lake path justifiably scares the bejesus out of me -- it is INTENSE out there).   

I'll unfortunately be doing this drive very shortly, but I hope that you have a calm Friday night and a happy weekend.  Enjoy these links and I'll catch you Monday!

The worlds of knitting, sport, and the law collide.  Winner?  I think the knitters.

Texts from Scarlett O'Hara.  Just read 'em (via Go Fug Yourself). 

Just in case you didn't know, the balancing work/family/happiness can of worms is officially back open.

I'll take the full-length Lela Rose, thanks.

This list of people who support the legalization of marijuana made me giggle.  Mostly because of Rick Steves!

Speaking of laughing, this photo cracks me up. 

This kind of thing makes me sad to be a lawyer.

How to gold leaf a picture frame.

Oh my goodness, what an adorable little boy.

In honor of Chicago's Pride weekend, check out the top photos here (and the rest of these photos are pretty awesome too)! (via Swissmiss)

 (Images via Sous Style, Habitually Chic, and Kate Spade Tumblr.)

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