Monday, April 16, 2012

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Sketch by Gemma Correll
Hello there!  My Austin preparations got the best of me and the trip itself left little time for anything but family and wedding activities, so Friday's post is now today's post, and I hope you had a lovely weekend.

I had a great time on Thursday night getting a mani/pedi (and drinking lots of wine) with a group of ladyfriends.  The downside was that I didn't start packing for my 7:15 AM flight until midnight!  I got to Austin with seven pairs of shoes and all black outfits.  Whoopsie. 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were a blur of exploring Austin and attending wedding events, which were wonderful.  The rehearsal dinner was a boat cruise on the river, which was really fun, and the wedding itself was gorgeous.

Hope your weekend was great, and that your Monday is going well.  Here are some links to start off your work week.  Good luck!

If you click on one thing from this post, make it this article about a rather creepy app that allows people who are near where you check in on Foursquare to look at your Facebook profile and get information about you.  Scary! (via Making It Lovely)

Moving on to the fun stuff:

Isn't Emily Blunt's haircut cute?  But before you get any ideas, read these sage words of caution.  (This is so, so true!)

Can you believe this closet is from IKEA (via Elements of Style)?

I want to be a guest at this party.

Hilarious email home from school.  Reminds me of this retort to a Comic Sans font user.

If you need a present for a dude, Gwyneth has some ideas (and more ideas are here). 

You've never seen Paris at night like this before.

The Color Run looks awesome!  I'm on the waiting list for Chicago -- hopefully I'll get in (via swissmiss). 

I swear everything this woman touches turns to gold.

The next time I'm in a photo standing next to someone tiny and I'm worried I'm going to look enormous, I need to remember to channel Charlize Theron's aura.

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