Monday, April 30, 2012

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday. My rainy weekend was so full of fun things to do that I didn’t quite make it to writing this post until today, but what else is new? 
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I was supposed to be going to a fashion show on Friday night, but my date had to work late so it didn’t quite happen. Instead, we made it to dinner and drinks for a friend who is moving to San Francisco and had a great time catching up with friends (and dinner was delicious!). Saturday was a super festive day with a baby shower in the morning and a wedding party on Saturday night (the bride and groom had a "wedding for two" -- sort of like this kind of thing -- a few months ago, and then a big gathering for friends later on).  Sunday was supposed to be spent firmly on the couch, but somehow brunch at Prasino (my new favorite place – the El Guapo omelet was amazing) became a two-and-a-half-hour-mimosa-fueled-affair followed by a couple of drinks at the Boundary. Whoops. By the time I accomplished my one goal for Sunday – roasting a chicken using this recipe – I was exhausted, full, and ready for bed!

How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one, and here are a few links to start off your Monday with some procrastination.

(And PS: Happy anniversary, Will and Kate!  It seems like just yesterday that my best ladyfriend and I were sitting on the couch at 5 am in our jammies, dissecting everyone's hats!  Real question: what does one get the future king and queen of England for the first anniversary?)

Do you watch Veep?  Here's an interesting story about the costuming.

Ridiculously fancy sushi.

I wouldn't know about these busty girl perks, haha.

Pineapples don't have sleeves.

Get 25% off at Tory Burch (you could get a denim shirtdress!).

Maybe someone told this bear that CU-Boulder is the place to party.  (Don't worry, he didn't get hurt!)

Someone else went to Colorado to hang out with college kids this week, too.

Would you eschew white at your wedding?

Crazy candid shots from Google Earth (via The Nesting Game).

A roundup of fun bars in Chicago.

This sums up a lot of my feelings towards this movie.

A Kentucky basketball player sent flowers to a Louisville cheerleader.  There is hope for peace. 

In honor of prom season, check out this girl's amazing creations.  I predict the winner of Project Runway, Season 15.  The soda tabs are my favorite.  (via Making it Lovely)

An interesting article about mothers and daughters.

TV for dogs features open fields, bouncing balls, and people giving dogs belly rubs.  I can just imagine my dog splayed out on the floor, waiting for his.

And if you're having a rough Monday, check this out and you will have to smile (via Cup of Jo).

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