Monday, June 10, 2013

Hope you've had a lovely couple of weeks (and are feeling forgiving).

You GUYS.  It's been ages.  I apologize.  I've been busy traveling (to one hell of a wedding weekend, I might add), busy at work, and busy enjoying the Chicago "summer" (it's been in the sixties and seventies, but we get what we get).  In other words, I've been doing things that are not writing Tall and Salty posts (traveling makes me fall off the wagon.  I can't help it).  But I've been thinking about you all and storing up lots of interesting tidbits, so without further ado, here is a two-weeks-plus-overdue collection of internet interestingness to get us back on track: 

There was a royal wedding this weekend in Sweden.  Tiaras!  (Caution: that website is seriously addicting.)

A truly amazing baby action shot that will crack you up.

Anna Kendrick is my Good Posture Icon.

You know that striped Oscar de la Renta dress that all blogs went bonkers for a few months ago?  SJP is wearing it on the cover of a magazine, and obviously, it looks fab.

This poster would be so funny in a little boy's room (or for a girl who likes superheroes, though my gal of choice is missing).

You know I love these: cute calligraphy address stamp.

Talk about a "meet cute."

This Airstream "house tour" is incredible and I want to live there.  Or maybe just have this as my vacation home, because after all, it is kind of small up in there.

On the other hand, I would for sure live in Felicity's house.

A sweet idea for a group baby shower gift.

Just in case you need to know what to wear strawberry picking, you're welcome.

If you get "party anxiety" (as my mom calls it), you'll appreciate these Dinner Parties From Hell.

Garden gnomes were permitted at this year's Chelsea Flower Show in Britain, and people were pissed, which is obviously hilarious.

A sweet rain cape.

These pieces of art are EXCEL SPREADSHEETS.  Just . . . wow.

Thanks for coming back after the extended break, friends.  I'll be better!

Images by Chicago photographer Yewon Kim, from Instagram.

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