Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hope your week is off to a good start.

How's it going, friends?  Hope you're enjoying the fall weather (finally!).  I've been looking forward to busting out sweaters, jackets, and scarves for a while, so I am loving the cooler temps.  Also, I am ashamed to admit, I love fall television.  Try The Blacklist -- it's really good!  Are you watching anything good?  In between shows, a few links for your edification:      

You really must try this season-appropriate, surprisingly difficult, quiz: Essie nail polish color or apple variety?

Cher Horowitz would be so proud (and twelve-year-old me is so jealous).

Speaking of our twelve-year-old selves, enjoy this 90210 fashion retrospective, for it is glorious.

I actually ate this for dinner last week.  I'm 10% ashamed, 90% glad I did it.  It was really good.

Hilarious thoughts on skiing.

iPhone post-its.

Chris March has done a line of wigs for Target.  They are very Chris March-y.

Chopping off all of your hair feels amazing, doesn't it?

(Image via Note to Sarah; original credit unknown.)

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