Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hope your week is off to a good start.

Ahoy, mates.  I realize that your weekends are likely well-past at this point, so I hope the first half of your week has been good and that you're enjoying the last gasps of summer.  Is anyone else excited for fall, but at the same time feeling guilty that you're looking forward to it because you don't want summer to be over?  (I have issues, and I hope you are free from ill feelings about such ridiculous stuff.)  Some links for your reading pleasure: 

I saw a girl wearing this cute backpack this weekend, and now I want it.

An article that will make women over thirty feel a lot better.

Oh dear.  I'm for sure going to be on this list: I am a massive purchaser/try-er on-er at home/returner.  (Dear all stores: maybe if you put tall sizes in your actual store, you wouldn't have this problem.  Love, T and S)

A truly, truly heartbreaking story about love and loss (don't read this where you don't want to be seen crying).

Target's fall clothes look awesome.

Bookshelfies! (via swissmiss)

Further proof that your dog loves you and cares about you. :)

A funny tradition that goes with giving knives as a wedding gift.

Cute, cheap sweater that comes in a million colors.

(Image by Alpha Smoot.)

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BAM said...

The article about getting pregnant after 35 did indeed make me feel much better since I'm 31 and have been wondering if we need to get going in the baby department or if we can carry on as we have been, get a bunch of traveling out of our system and then think about having some kids. Also, I will probably be at the top of that "returns too many items" list since I regularly buy 5 or 6 items from BR or Ann Taylor online tall lines in 2 sizes for each style and inevitably schlep a pile of returns back to the store. The store employees always look at me cross eyed when I do this and I shrug and say "I have no choice since you won't carry tall sizes in the store". Maybe someday the retailers will learn...

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