Friday, August 23, 2013

My secret(ly awesome) shame.

It's Friday afternoon, and if you need a little burst of energy to get you through to the weekly finish line, may I direct your attention to the trailer for my favorite childhood movie, Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  I promise, it'll put some pep in your step.

I freaking loved this movie growing up (that and this made-for-tv movie about Nadia Comaneci, which was recorded onto VHS tape from television and had a two-minute-section in the middle where it cut to Mr. Potato Head cartoons because our cable went out in a rainstorm).  It's so hilariously, awesomely bad I'm not even embarrassed about it.  This was honestly my blueprint for what high school was supposed to be like, and I was more than a little devastated when it didn't pan out that way.  The uniforms, yes; the cute boys with '80s hair visiting me at school and sneaking out of windows with the help of my zany best friend, not so much.  Sigh.

Now it's your turn to 'fess up: what's your shameful favorite movie from when you were a kid?  


Katie Hammond said...

I LOVE this movie too!!!

Jeanne said...

My uniform skirt in high school was the same as in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. When I was a Sophomore, Shannon Dougherty came to our high school and freaked when she saw our skirts.

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