Friday, September 6, 2013

It's been a while now, hasn't it?

Dudes.  How are you?  I was on trial at work last week, and if any of you know lawyers (and if you don't, I'll just tell you), you understand how it makes you a crazy person.  (Speaking of: this headline had me audibly snorting.)  How's it going with you?  I emphatically hope that you had a lazy and lovely Labor Day weekend.  I spent mine at the beautiful wedding of one of my oldest pals -- I've known her since before she was even born! -- that was so much fun but which also made me thirty kinds of weepy (all in the good way).  This weekend we're going to a barbecue, and we've got a birthday to celebrate at our house, too (which demands, as always, Funfetti cake).  Have a great weekend wherever you are this weekend, and try to squeeeeeeeeze out a little more summer fun.  Some links for your perusing enjoyment:

This is a little heavier and longer than the usual Tall and Salty fare, but it is riveting: what it's like to be kidnapped in a foreign country (my heart was literally pounding while I read this).  

And back to our usual programming: you probably want to see where Tom Brady showers, right?  Right.

In a similar (but also, you know, different) vein, you probably also want to see Nate Berkus and Jeremiah-from-The-Rachel-Zoe-Project's house, which is, of course, amazing.

"FOMO" is now in its rightful place: the actual dictionary.

And to put them to work for your fall wardrobing: a darling coat and fab shoes.

This is totally what a Space Attorney would wear.  (And when that show is on television for two episodes before it gets cancelled, you know I'm going to watch it.)

I wish we all could have had a cocktail with this lady.

(Image via Note to Self.)

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