Friday, March 16, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

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Happy Friday!  What are you up to this fine weekend?  I, like many people in Chicago, will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day tomorrow by having green cocktails way too early for polite society, but enjoying it nonetheless -- especially because we're enjoying delightfully unseasonably warm weather!  I started knitting this scarf in green a few weeks ago, but it looks like I won't need it (good thing, because it's taking me forever and I'm nowhere near finished).  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and here are some links for enjoying from your couch.

I'll be wearing these crazypants tomorrow.  But they're not really that crazy, are they?  (Maybe on a regular girl.  On these long legs...that is a LOT of green.  Maybe I should stop posing questions that I know the answer to already.)

As if that's not enough, I'll be sporting this springy green nail polish too!

I love March Madness, but I might enjoy Fug Madness just as much.  These girls are the best.

Ouch, Nike.

Why would you do this with something so delicious?

These emails and texts from real moms made me cry actual tears of laughter. 

The warm weather makes me want this bike.  (And a delicious coffee from the sunny, fun shop it lives in.)

Super comfy spring shoes.

The Diane von Furstenberg collection for GapKids is adorable.  I love the rompers!

I might need to try my hand at making one of these needlepoint glasses cases.

I am clearly late to this party, but this album is excellent.  Shake it Out and enjoy the weekend!  (Caution: weird music video.)

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