Friday, March 23, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

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It's Friday!  What are your plans for the weekend?  My parents are visiting and I'm excited to see them.  We're going to Chicago q for dinner tomorrow night, which is delicious, and I say that not even liking barbecue. 

After they leave on Sunday, I'm going to see The Hunger Games.  I have fantasized for months about this moment: me, my vat of Diet Coke, and Katniss on the big screen.  I only wish I was kidding. 

After that, I've got a Mad Men premiere party to attend.  (Comfortable pants are clearly called for on Sunday -- I have a lot of watching things to do.)  I can't wait to find out what shenanigans are happening at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

Finally, I've also got plans to bake this banana bread for a friend who just had twins, and to visit this cool new men's shop.  What are you up to?  Hopefully you'll have some time to relax and enjoy the following:

I hope you are as psyched for Mad Men as I am.  Here are some tips on having a premiere party, and here is a hilarious look at the guy everyone loves to hate

The Filene's Basement Running of the Brides sale is gone.  This looks like a much more elegant replacement.

Would you ever pay for a styling package to have someone take a look at your closet with a fresh eye?  It sounds intriguing.

Furbish is having a spring sale.  I want this python tray very, very badly.  You?

And let's close out the week stream-of-consciousness-style, just because:

Does your dog or cat have a trendy name?

Speaking of dogs, this photo montage of the characters of Downton Abbey as dogs might make you pee in your pants.

Speaking of peeing, you should probably read this.  And discuss with your ladyfriends, should you be going to brunch this weekend.  My friends are fascinated by this topic.

Speaking of things that my friends (and yours) are probably a little bit too interested in, this collection of mini-street-style-stars is probably the cutest thing you will see this week.

And finally, speaking of ____est things you'll see all week, this article about a 35-year-old taking the SAT will probably be one of the funniest things you'll see all week (okay, that one was a stretch.  Sorry!) (via Go Fug Yourself).

Have a great weekend!

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