Friday, March 23, 2012

Pile On

I like to wear more than one necklace at a time.  There are lots of fun tutorials out there on how to artfully layer (this one from the Glitter Guide is helpful), but I'm more a fan of the throwing things on and playing until I think everything looks all right method.

Via Atlantic-Pacific
 Blair* of Atlantic-Pacific has amazing personal style (I mean really, the things that this girl can pull off) and she is a master of wearing tons of jewelry and necklaces at the same time and making it work. 

Via Atlantic-Pacific
For the rest of us, here's my advice: get a set of necklace extenders.  They're lengths of chain with a clasp on one end and a circle opening on the other that attach to the back of your necklaces.  They let you adjust the length to your liking and they are a super cheap way to make the jewelry you already own more versatile. 

Do you have any little tricks or devices to share?  Do tell.

* Tell me there are others out there who only hear the name "Blair" as "Mees Blair," in Dorota's voice from Gossip GirlI sort of love her.

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