Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Hello there, everyone.  Hope you had a nice weekend.  I had that supremely annoying unable-to-catch-up-after-traveling feeling all week long so a low-key couple of days was the major thing on my agenda.  Hope you had a chance to relax too, and that you're enjoying what's left of your Sunday (SPICE GIRLS! PRINCE HARRY!).  Take care, and catch you tomorrow.

This weekend, try a spritz, the perfect summer cocktail.

Why you need good lawyers.

Darling cup and saucer (via Hip Hip Gin Gin).

Not that I am endorsing it (I'm afraid of Facebook and I don't have it!), but there is now an app that screens baby pictures from your Facebook feed.

A salt bird!

It's official: blue blazers are hip (told you).

Beautifully artsy iPhone cases.

And three Olympic-themed items of note:

Synchronized swimmers' secrets for keeping their hair and makeup so perfect.

Don't worry: Sanya Richards-Ross' hair is not slowing her down.

Did you watch South African sprinter Oscar Pistorious?  Did you get a little weepy?  Wait 'til you read this.

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