Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beckham v. Beckham

It's a gross rainy day.  Let's all indulge in a little pick-me-up, shall we?  In this case, let's assess one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Olympics: I speak, of course, of the great Beckham performances in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  Whose performance reigns supreme?  Our friend David piloted a torch-bearing speedboat up the Thames during the Opening Ceremony . . .
. . . while his lovely wife Victoria, who you just may remember as Posh Spice, reunited with her fellow Spice Girls for a performance during the Closing Ceremonies.
So who wins?  Becks gets points for arriving by speedboat, but Posh and her ladyfriends got to zoom around the arena in individually bedazzled London cabs, which can hardly be overlooked.  On the wardrobe front, he looks as dapper as always, and more than a little James Bond-like.  That little smirk into the camera indicates to me that he knows it, too.  I'm not usually a huge fan of mullet dresses, but as performance wear for singing on top of a moving car, this is about as well as one can do -- it looked pretty awesome flying behind her while she raced around (putting aside the fact that the front is a wee bit on the short side.  We're a deep breath away from seeing her spice rack, so to speak). 

In the end, I think it comes down to the gravity of the situation: he's helping to light the Olympic flame (with CHILDREN.  And the Queen!).  She's reuniting with a band that was sort of mediocre but totally fun and emblematic of their time that has benefitted from the type of rosy nostalgia that makes grown women squeal.  (Who knew this was going to be so tough, by the way?)  I think he gets my vote by default because even though I have a soft spot in my heart for the Spice Girls, I LOVE the Olympics.  Real question: what say you, Tall and Salty readers?

(Images: top two images of David Beckham via The Daily Mail; bottom images of Victoria Beckham via The Daily Mail.)

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