Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Day of Chad

I was home alone this weekend, which means that I spent large swaths of time lying on the couch watching not-intellectually-stimulating-television (like this week's Project Runway: WHO ARE YOU, VEN??), dirtying dishes with reckless abandon, and doing impulsive and ill-considered painting projects into the wee hours of the morning.  When I am living by myself, I turn into a total bachelor.  
Or, as Chad, the fellow in this article, describes it: I live The Day of Chad, during which one does "the dumbest things possible," because you would "feel guilty if anyone else saw them."  When I read this a couple of months ago, I thought "I basically am that guy," and I think this weekend proved it.  See Exhibit A.  (Lawyer joke -- zing!)  
Pillow fight via Brainpickings
I know I'm not alone here: remember the episode of Sex and the City about the "secret single behavior?"  Not that Sex and the City is all that applicable to regular people's lives, but the secret behaviors were funny because they seemed so real: eating a stack of saltines and jelly while reading fashion magazines; watching infomercials while wearing moisturizing gloves, examining your pores in one of those super magnifying mirrors (which, on an unrelated note, I am convinced are the work of the devil).  You could picture you (or your friends) doing those things with no trouble.  

So what's your guilty home alone pleasure?  I let our dog sleep in bed and stay up 'til 4 am doing nothing.  And you?

(Images: Jane Fonda via Sous Style, original photo credit unknown; Paul McCartney and the Beatles by Harry Benson/Taschen, via Brainpickings)

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