Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bespoke Barbour

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Yesterday was the first day I felt a real chill in the air.  Fall is here, ready or not.  My thoughts, in order:

1.  Yay sweaters!
2.  Ugh, it's going to get really cold soon (this is the curse of being married to someone who hates cold weather: the joy of fall is subsumed by the dread of impending winter).
3.  I get to wear my new Barbour jacket THAT FITS.  Huzzah!
A little-known but amazing tip: Barbour, the British barn jacket maker, will add extra length to the sleeves of any of its waxed cotton jackets, a perfect fall jacket.  (They can't add length to the quilted jackets, but hey, let's be happy for what we're getting, right?)  I got measured in-store when I was visiting New York City, but I'm sure you could measure yourself and order over the phone.  I got mine at the Soho store and the folks there couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.  Tall ladies (and men!), your chilly wrists are welcome.  And regular-sized people, enjoy not paying extra for custom length.
Puppy and prince sold separately.

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Shannon Henderson said...

Super jealous of your custom Barbour jacket. When are you going to post about cords? Skinny, bootcut, ankle...

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